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On Goals

travel usa canada \ 2013-06-17

This post is written while away from my computer on my phone. Photos etc, to be added when I return

I have a new goal. For the longest time I thought that graduating from school, getting a job, finding a girl etc wouldn't be too bad. But no longer. I want to be a crazy homeless person who sells found items to other crazy people.

Now someone of you might be thinking but Parry, that's such a niche market, how could you ever break in?

I've been doing some research and I've figured out how. This past weekend I've been in Seattle and Vancouver, trying to find a mountain to buy for my secret lair (I've been told that's something everyone in corporate America has). While searching I spent a lot of time on the streets. Sometimes I was walking, sometimes I was sitting, sometimes I was trying to sell my friend so I could afford lunch. Needless to say, a lot of streeting was done. One of the things I noticed is that cigarettes instantly become more valuable when they are purchased by a homeless person from another homeless person.

Yup, that's my in. I will purchase cigarettes from one homeless person and resell them to unsuspecting homeless people for massive single digit profits. Silicon Valley got nothing on this.

What am I gonna do once I make my hundreds? Move to Canadia. As the old adage goes, those with USD in the land of Canada is king. Except for when the exchange rate isn't in our favor, or the northern wind blows, or when our vowels are off, or we are called out for never going to a Tim Horton's, or you really want expensive medication.

But they have poutine and a Chevron floating in the middle of the bay (gonna get me a hovercraft), so it's definitely worth it.