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Spring-ish Break

travel china \ 2012-04-16

There are sandstorms in Harbin. Which means that you should probably keep any and all eating utensils by an open window. I can guarantee that they will stay clean. At least most of the time, which you know, is really all that matters. I mean, when you think of it, you're not even eating most of the time.

But this aside, I got back from a "whirlwind" "adventure" in "Zhejiang provence." I say "whirlwind" because there weren't any whirlwinds, "adventure" because I already knew where everything was, and "Zhejiang provence" cause I thought adding quotes made it looked "better." On my escape from the salty North (seriously, pretty sure I saw a road-side stall that was selling potatoes, salt, and pineapples - you don't need much else to make a traditional "Dongbei" dish), I got a chance to visit some old friends, make some new ones, and eat a lot of tasty food. But the most important thing is just that: "things."

I should explain "things." Things are what make a trip to China interesting. They're the things that make you stop in your tracks and think "" As a student, Harbin, sadly, has few, if any, "things." Shanghai, a bustling metropolis has a lot of things.

A few:

There aren't really a lot of pictures and I'm kind of sleepy so... no pictures, this time, sorry.