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travel uk \ 2012-01-11

Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Sleeping on a Chair Next to a Gaggle of Africans in Heathrow for 5 Hours

My time in Londontown has come to an end and the last few days have passed in a blur (or...haze, depending). There have been crazy hobos, bent on stealing one's kidneys, and there have been crazy undergrads, bent on stealing delicious muffins from string theory conferences. This trip has opened my eyes to many new things (e.g. that Jimothy really likes Smirnoff Ice) and closed them to many others (e.g. I will never, ever, have a good British accent).

To wrap up, I present to you the last bit of pictures from the trip. This opting out of writing more is definitely not because most of the last few days were trying to get Jimothy to drink more. That would have been a horrible thing for a group of friends to do. It was spent at museums (3 hour complete traversal of the British Museum? Probably a record...for better or worse). And uh... looking at statues. (Or, in one particularly great moment, when getting Jimothy to pose in front of a statue, an entire bus of Asian tourists pulled up in front of us and all started taking pictures of him).

Oxford is pretty.
Radcliff Camera is a "reading room," but I'm pretty sure that's British for "giant camera."
Giant tree, tiny museum. Also, the first public museum in the world.
Natural History Museum, London
The Rosetta Stone *swoooooon*