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Watching Space Jam

travel uk \ 2012-01-03

To set the scene for your reading: There are bunch of British people watching pizza and watching Space Jam in the hostel. This is like a horrible amalgamation of kindergarten, college, and my worst nightmares. Also, Richard Simmons. Dear God, what's going on.

Some of you might be thinking: "Parry you haven't updated this is days! There are so many things in London you had to have seen some of the things, if not a fair many things." To this extent, there is truth in that statement, I have seen many things. Because you're curious (or being forced to read this) I'll let you know what they are:

In so far as other things have been seen, here are pictures:

Big Ben and the London Eye (New Year's fireworks were here).
St. Paul's Cathedral
More Big Ben
Me n' the Queen
Tower Bridge