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Paris, je t'aime

travel france kazakhstan \ 2010-07-27

First, I'd like to apologize to my sole reader, Chinese netizen XOXChailmanMeowXOX, who uses this blog to practice his English, for not updating lately. Y'know how riding first class across central asia and taking a train all over Paris makes your scatter-brained and forgetful.

First, some final thoughts on Kazakhstan. You all invited me back and even if you were just being polite, I'm going back, you can't stop me. SKIING. I also need to start planning my horseback trip across the plains to Astana. You say it's foolhardy. I say you can't spell foolhardy without "epic." You say "oh, really? I guess I forgot how to spell foolhardy - we don't use it much in English class." Also, charades is hard in Russian. The word "prejudice" is hard to show in any language. To make matters worse, all of "Pride and Prejudice" I know is the beggining of Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies, which I've been informed has very little in common with real deal. A fight in Kazakhstan is not mano-a-mano, but more of 50-manos-a-50-manos. And if you're drunk enough mano-with-a-gun-the-cops-who-show-up-right-away. But don't fret, I was busy gettin' my dance on when all that happened. (Dance is used very loosely here. Think trying to make a Lego dance. And then reduce the movement by half.)

And now Paris.

Paris is delicoius. I forgot my French.