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travel china \ 2009-07-25

Jilin is a city of many things: water, people drinking beer next to the water, 80 degree weather, and Packer fans (this one may or may not be true). With this in mind, imagine the level of activity and busyness that we’re experiencing. None. At all. The standard schedule is a combination of eating meals, playing DS, or in Kevin and my case, studying Chinese. The routine has, however, been broken up occasionally.


Movies in China, as one might expect, are actually just Russian teenagers filming the movies and putting them on a disk. When you buy a movie in China, you aren’t buying a single movie, you’re buying an entire genre, year, or actor. So when I went to the store to buy a movie for the night (Yucen and I have been trying get through one a night, for better or worse), I didn’t just buy 停车, I bought every single major movie from Hong Kong in the last 6 months. For 90 cents. As you can imagine, there’s absolutely no English and Yucen’s only so good of a translator at 12pm at night.

The Wisconsin Dells

Here is a picture of a huge lake we were on. In the middle of the lake there’s a Wisconsin Dells. Imagine everything you dislike about the Wisconsin Dells, add a 50 minute each way boat ride, torrential rain and and being on a metal tower during it and you have “5 Tiger Island.”
 Now imagine that same picture, remove the rain and add a mountain and make the boat a bus. You now have “Bei Shan.”


Holy Korean BBQ Batman, this is delicious! Go, right now to Korean Restaurant downtown. Zomg, that food was heavenly. There are a lot of Koreans in Jilin, as we’re only about 100 mi from the Korean border, so I definitely hope we’re going to eat Korean again. Aahh…………food.


We had Chinese glamour shots done. The photographer says I was blinking so much it was like I was flirting with him. facepalm Those pictures will probably be put online when we get them. I would like to prempt any comments and say I had little choice in the costumes.

(EDIT: I'm not sure why this post seems so negative. I am actually having a lot of fun, it's just kind of a languid pace here. I think it came off as my time being boring because I wrote Wisconsin too many times…)